Eminent Adult Large Breed 25/13

For adult dogs of large and extra-large breeds

Large and extra-large breeds are very muscular, their skeleton has extra weight to carry and therefore they need an adequate nutrition. Optimal proportion of proteins (25 %) and fats (13 %) that are easy to digest, the best mineral nutrition with a complex of vitamins and special additives including chondroitine and glucosamine, L-karnitin and selected minerals, in particular mangane, in form of chelate (easier to digest), that provide the organism of large dogs with all nutrition they need. L-carnitine as well as a high level of vitamin E and C supports the heart in its correct function and maintains good health in general.

Packaging: 3kg, 15kg.

Basic raw materials:
Chicken meat (26 %), sweet corn, rice, other cereals, poultry fat (4 %), essencial amino-acids (lysine and methionin), coconut oil, fish meat, flaxseed, beet pulp, a complex of vitamins and micro-elements, zinc chelate and selene chelate, chondroitine and glucosamine, L-karnitin, mannanoligosaccharides(MOS).


Important for Content of vitamins and important substancies   Eminent
Large Breed
Growth, movement, milk formation Nitrogen substancies (protein) % 25
Strenght, good looking fur, healthy skin Fat % 13
Digestive system Fibre % 25
Bones, teeth, blood, nerves Calcium % 12
Bones, teeth, movement Phosphorus % 10
Growth, formation of muscles Lysine g/kg 121
Growth, fur quality Methionine g/kg 52
Growth, fertility, imunity Vitamin A IU/kg 15 000
Content of mineral elements Vitamin D3 IU/kg 1 500
Movement, fertility Vitamin E mg/kg 100
Energetic change Vitamin B1 mg/kg 10
Growth, digestive system Vitamin B2 mg/kg 15
Growth, nerves Vitamin B6 mg/kg 15
Blood formation, growth, energetic balance Vitamin B12 mg/kg 1
Imunity, blood formation Folic acid mg/kg 3
Energetic balance, pigmentation, imunity Calcium pantothenate mg/kg 25
Energetic balance, digestion, skin Niacine mg/kg 75
Healthy and beautiful fur Biotine mg/kg 25
Metabolism of fats, nerves Choline chloride mg/kg 1 150
For the heart, the eyes, longevity Taurine mg/kg -
Important for Micro-elements    
Bloodrmation, breathing Ferrum mg/kg 120
Energetic balance, healthy fur, condition Zinc mg/kg 100
Energetic balance, pigmantation, bones Mangane mg/kg 45
Blood formation, fur Copper mg/kg 25
Blood formation Cobalt mg/kg 5
Thyroide gland Iodine mg/kg 3
Muscles, movement Selenium mg/kg 5


Recommended daily fodder amounts

dog weight 35 kg 45 kg 60 kg 80 kg
fodder amount 460 g 540 g 700 g 800 g

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