Complete line of dog foods

EMINENT - breeders’ series of high-quality dog foods.

The knowledge about nutrition has been in development in accordance to how the society has been developing. Nowadays the life style is very focused on health support. The new range of high-quality fodders made of special raw materials is especially focused on supporting particular animals with an optimal condition and health.

Every breed of dogs has different demands on nutrition, depending on their weight. This fact has been taken into account by creating the recipes of the particular fodders Eminent completely overing the respective needs of the animal organism in its particular life periods. The fodders Eminent contain special raw materials like coconut oil and beet pulp, that have a very positive influence on the digestive system. Chicken and fish meet of high quality are an excellent source of proteins and  support the animal´s condition in a natural way, an addition of essencial amino-acids, in particular lysine and methionin raise muscle growth and support its functions. Other special additives including twenty micro-elements and vitamins support an optimal condition of the animal and help to keep the animal in good health and up to an old age.

The research in cat nutrition has also been recently markedly focused on the improvement of their health condition and prolongation of their active life. Eminent Adult Cat feeds have been created based on the latest knowledge in this field. The recipes are reinforced with a complete group of additives positively affecting physical condition, immunity, and health. The feed is moreover modified to reduce urine pH, and it has a preventive effect against the origin of urine stones.

Eminent feeds do not contain beef and pork meat, soy, chemical colors, and chemical preservatives.

Σημεία Πώλησης EMINENT

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